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How to plan a housewarming

1.   Choose the date and time for your party.  Register and setup your party by clicking here.
You can create your wishlist and guest list for email invitations. Your guest can get door-to-door
directions when they view your wishlist.

2. Set a budget for the party. This will drive some of the other decisions you need to make.

3. Decide what kind of party you want to have. Everything from an informal outdoor barbecue to a formal
sit-down dinner is appropriate. Your budget should help you in making this decision.

4. Make a checklist of everything that needs to be done before the party. Refer to it often, and cross
items off as they are completed.

5. Decide if you want any activities other than socializing and eating at the party. If so, plan the games
or other activities you will include.

6. Choose a menu. This will depend heavily on the kind of party you are planning, but you should decide if
you are hiring a caterer, having guests bring food potluck, or if you are doing the cooking.

7. Consider inviting some new neighbors. Since you will be living near them, it might be a good way to get
to know them.
8. Keep track of RSVPs so you know how many guests will be coming.

9. Make a shopping list. Consider food and beverages (and items for serving), decorations or centerpieces.

10. Guests at a housewarming expect a tour of the new house. So, make arrangements to have your house cleaned,
either by you or someone else. Important! Don't forget the thank-you notes.

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